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Credit Reserve

Credit Reserve provides overdraft protection to your personal and business checking accounts. Credit Reserve is a line of credit available when you need it. A routine credit approval is all that is required to establish your credit reserve account. Email or call us today!

Ways to access your Credit Reserve

  • Writing a check, which draws your account below zero, will automatically transfer $100.00 increments into your account up to your credit reserve limit. If the unused portion of your credit reserve is less than $100.00, the entire balance will be transferred.
  • You may request, by telephone or in person, a specified amount to be transferred.

Payment Options

If you owe a balance at the time of your regular statement date, an automatic minimum payment will be deducted from your checking account. This minimum payment will be the greater of 1/24th of your balance including unpaid finance charges or $10.00.

At any time you may repay any or all of your Credit Reserve balance without penalty. You can do so by mail, in person or by telephone. It is important to indicate on your check “credit reserve payment.”